Emotional Intelligence Training For Managers

Mind EQ Offers Virtual Emotional Intelligence (EI) Training For Managers

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Evidence-Based Teachings

We focus on evidence-based practices rooted in the latest neuroscience research.

Expert Facilitators

Practitioners with teacher training certifications from the world’s best institutions.


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Emotional Intelligence For Managers

While Mind EQ offers training for everyone and anyone in the workplace, our training for management and team leads can make an outsized impact since we often get to work together in smaller groups. Our training programs can be for a number of people managers, or we can do one on one work. Our offerings can include slide deck presentations, journaling, or group workshops, where management has the opportunity to work together which results in higher levels of engagement.

For managers, we feel that our Mindfulness Immersion is the most impactful offering which includes mindfulness practices as the foundation, and we fold in the five emotional intelligence skills – self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Mindfulness Offerings

The courses in our mindfulness training fundamentals each build upon the last, including practice, guided sessions, research-based learnings, and advanced teachings.

Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness practices for focus and concentration, awareness, and mind-body connection.

Mindfulness 102

In this session, we will identify the pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feeling tones that we commonly encounter. These same feeling tones can become the cause of ease and contentment or of greater dis-ease

Mindfulness 103

The five states of mind that hinder our ability to feel happy and content and developing skills to overcome these hindrances.

Mindfulness 104

Evidence-based mindfulness practices that lead to deep insight and awareness, and seven methods to cultivate these practices in and out of the workplace.

Mindfulness Immersion

The Mindfulness Immersion is our most robust and comprehensive mindfulness program providing the greatest benefit and impact that Mind EQ offers.

Live Mindfulness Sessions

Coming soon…

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Lunch and Learn Sessions are ideal for busy organizations looking for an introductory session over lunch with a concise presentation, a brief meditation session, and closing Q&A.

Coaching Sessions For Leaders

Designed for people managers and leadership at all levels, these sessions are highly customizable, but generally focus on evidence based mindfulness techniques and emotional intelligence training.

Our Teachers Specializing In Emotional Intelligence

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