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San Francisco Corporate Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops and Virtual Sessions

The world is moving at a pace never before seen and no time in our history has mindfulness, meditation, and emotional intelligence training been more important. The advancements we’ve seen since the smartphone’s arrival in 2007 have been exponential. Our minds take in so much information each day that we are not able to process this information skillfully and our nervous systems can’t regulate like they might have been able to less than two decades ago.

Fortunately, mindfulness practice is available to help our minds, aka our “core processors,” slow down and process this new onslaught of information. Mind EQ offers unparalleled evidence-based training that can mitigate stress and anxiety, boost resilience, increase focus, build emotional intelligence, and support overall well-being. Mindfulness and meditation mobile apps that produce pre-recorded meditations have not been around long enough to substantiate their claims, and they cannot begin to duplicate what our facilitated live sessions offer. Our personalized, one-to-many approach will result in measurable benefits and ROI that you just won’t see from mindfulness apps.

The benefits achieved from our method foster high levels of organizational engagement, reduce burnout and turnover, and can lead to a healthy and productive culture both in and out of the workplace. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, 68% of employees think CEOs should step in when the government does not fix major societal problems. This is a huge responsibility for organizations who are on the hook not only for the financial success of their product and service but also for the emotional satisfaction of their employees through healthy work environments. Companies that are deemed “high-trust” produce more productive, energetic, and collaborative workplaces, and their employees tend to stay at these companies longer than their counterparts. Employees in high-trust organizations appear to have 106% more energy, 50% higher productivity, 13% fewer sick days, and 40% less burnout. Through our mindfulness techniques and corporate training, you can grow and maintain trust with your employees, optimizing your output and ensuring more energy and productivity within your team.

Backed by research

The mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs Mind EQ offers are entirely evidence-based, and all of our teachers have completed training at some of the world’s most recognized institutions for mindfulness teacher training. Both Mind EQ and these institutions offer training based on the small percentage of scientifically validated research. Our programs are designed to mitigate stress, build focus, boost resilience, and develop empathy, which result in overall well-being for individuals and organizations. 

You’ll see other programs citing scientific research to back their methods, but this research is often unsubstantiated. In the field of mindfulness, there have been thousands of studies done since the mid 1980’s and an explosion of scientific research. In 2015 alone, 674 studies were conducted with the word “mindfulness” in the title. But many of these studies lack rigor and overstate the benefits we so often see in magazines, websites, social media, and even the most well-respected publications.

According to a critical evaluation of scientific research done by the Association for Psychological Science on mindfulness and meditation entitled Mind The Hype, they say, “Misinformation and poor methodology associated with past studies of mindfulness may lead public consumers to be harmed, misled, and disappointed.” Mind EQ is not willing to compromise on our offerings or overstate our claims. We’re committed to staying informed on only the highest quality mindfulness and meditation research that includes peer-reviews and replicated studies.


World Class San Francisco Based Companies We Have Worked With:

Mindfulness Offerings

The courses in our mindfulness training fundamentals each build upon the last, including practice, guided sessions, research-based learnings, and advanced teachings.

Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness practices for focus and concentration, awareness, and mind-body connection.

Mindfulness 102

In this session, we will identify the pleasant, unpleasant and neutral feeling tones that we commonly encounter. These same feeling tones can become the cause of ease and contentment or of greater dis-ease

Mindfulness 103

The five states of mind that hinder our ability to feel happy and content and developing skills to overcome these hindrances.

Mindfulness 104

Evidence-based mindfulness practices that lead to deep insight and awareness, and seven methods to cultivate these practices in and out of the workplace.

Mindfulness Immersion

The Mindfulness Immersion is our most robust and comprehensive mindfulness program providing the greatest benefit and impact that Mind EQ offers.

Live Mindfulness Sessions

Coming soon…

Lunch & Learn Sessions

Lunch and Learn Sessions are ideal for busy organizations looking for an introductory session over lunch with a concise presentation, a brief meditation session, and closing Q&A.

Coaching Sessions For Leaders

Designed for people managers and leadership at all levels, these sessions are highly customizable, but generally focus on evidence based mindfulness techniques and emotional intelligence training.

Our San Francisco Based Teachers (Available For Virtual Sessions)

Our qualified mindfulness teachers based out of San Francisco

Our Other Teachers (Available For Virtual Sessions)

Our qualified mindfulness teachers from around the United States

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