About Mind EQ

Mind EQ specializes in mindfulness, meditation, resilience, and emotional intelligence training. Our goal is to provide corporations, organizations and the public the opportunity to learn evidence-based practices that can be used for a lifetime. We strive to teach participants how to increase mental and physical well-being, which leads to a healthier, happier and more productive organizational culture and interpersonal community.

Our Teachers

Portrait photograph of Dan Petrie

Dan Petrie

Founder & Mindfulness Facilitator

Founder, Mind EQ
Trained Mindfulness Facilitator, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Certified Mindfulness Teacher, IMTA - International Mindfulness Teachers Association

Dan received his mindfulness certification through UCLA’s Mindful Awareness Research Center, which was founded by Dan Siegel, M.D., and Susan Smalley, Ph.D. Dan has studied extensively in the Vipassana and Zen traditions under world renowned teachers Howard Cohn (Spirit Rock Meditation Center), and Abbot Charles Tenshin Roshi and Vice-Abbot David Jokai Blackwell (Yokoji Zen Mountain Center). His studies and secular practice include long-term residential retreats at Yokoji and at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center, both in California.

Prior to founding Mind EQ, Dan worked in the Silicon Valley tech industry as a business developer for a variety of start-ups. He is an avid reader of all types of nonfiction books and has a thing for current events podcasts. Dan also loves taking off for the Marin Headlands on his road bike, foraging, and cooking with friends.

Portrait photograph of Vy V Le

Vy V Le

Mindfulness Facilitator & Associate Certified Coach

Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Certified Mindfulness Teacher, IMTA - International Mindfulness Teachers Association
Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation

Vy believes in the growth of the mindfulness industry and is a program manager for the IMTA, which is dedicated to the professionalization and standardization of the mindfulness field. She has a variety of certifications, an MBA, and -- as an undergraduate at UCLA -- earned a degree in math, with a specialization in computing and business. Vy is also trained in Focusing by Gene Gendlin, a somatic process to help one listen to the wisdom of the body.

Vy loves sharing mindfulness practices with all age groups-- from teens, to young adults, to professionals and healthcare providers, to retirees. She has led meditation courses, drop-in classes, workshops, and retreats. Her most recent retreat was in Umbria, Italy, and shared well-being practices for healthcare workers.

Portrait photograph of Karissa Sellman

Karissa Sellman

Mindfulness Facilitator & Integrative Health Coach

Trained Mindfulness Facilitator, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Certified Mindfulness Teacher, IMTA - International Mindfulness Teachers Association
Zen Buddhism, lay ordination
Health coach, Duke Integrative Medicine

Karissa is deeply curious about mind-body-spirit connections and passionate about supporting people in making incremental, sustainable changes that align with their core values and most compelling vision for life.

Since 2017, she has been offering instruction in mindfulness practices and currently leads private workshops, facilitates public drop-in groups, and offers meditation mentoring sessions to individuals who want additional support with their practice. She also serves as an interfaith volunteer with the Spiritual Care Services team at Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center.

When not sitting still, Karissa enjoys activities that mix balance, motion, and play!—skating, bicycling, hiking—as well as embodied practices for wellbeing. Over the years, she has studied a variety of forms including Chen-style t'ai chi ch'uan, T’ai Chi Chih, and Dayan (“Wild Goose”) Qigong.

Portrait photograph of Jill Kranitz

Jill Kranitz

Mindfulness & Creativity Facilitator

Trained Mindfulness Facilitator, UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
Certified Mindfulness Teacher, IMTA - International Mindful Awareness Teachers Association
Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach
Certified Integrative Health Coach
M.A. Psychology

Jill leads her mindfulness teachings and practice from a compassionate presence. She offers a holistic approach and knows there are many paths to finding inner peace, contentment, and well being. Jill leverages her emotional intelligence to customize offerings and is aware that each individual and organization will be seeking unique outcomes.

Jill’s psychology education included a focus in art therapy and she also has a BFA in painting and sculpture. Because of her multidisciplinary background in organizational and individual class settings, Jill is able to offer programs in compassion, relational mindfulness, and creativity, and can integrate these modalities with mindfulness meditation. Additionally, her knowledge of integrative nutrition means she is able to present on healthy (mindful) eating and lifestyle practices.

Jill continues her studies with long-time teacher Deborah Eden Tull, a Zen meditation and mindfulness teacher. Jill is attending Eden’s in depth Facilitator Training Program, the Heart of Listening. She is also mentored by Jill Satterfield, an internationally known mindfulness and meditation teacher. Jill attends residential retreats in the Insight tradition at both Spirit Rock Meditation Center and Rocky Mountain EcoDharma Retreat Center, both in California.

When not working, she appreciates precious time with her two older teens. She enjoys being out on the trails, maintaining meaningful connection with friends, healthy cooking, and loves the ocean and the arts.

Portrait photograph of Preetum Shenoy

Preetum Shenoy

Mindfulness Facilitator

Professional Mindfulness Facilitator, MTI - Mindfulness Training Institute
Certified Mindfulness Teacher, IMTA - International Mindfulness Teachers Association

Preetum Shenoy is a positive change catalyst, resilience builder and holistic health advocate. She enjoys empowering individuals, leaders and groups to flex their resilience muscles through evidence-based practices for embodied mindfulness, neuroplasticity, positive psychology and conscious leadership, to help them navigate stress and burnout, chronic pain and illness, and other challenging circumstances with a greater sense of agency, peace, freedom, and yes, even gratitude and joy!

While she’s experimented with various contemplative practices since 2008, she has since become a dedicated practitioner of Insight Meditation (Vipassana). She enjoys integrating teachings from diverse traditions and practices (including Yoga and QiGong), and being an eternal student of the world, inspired by deep wisdom from Mother Nature, her communities, her students, and from every present moment experience. In addition, she has completed extensive training under Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach and Linda Graham at the intersection of mindfulness meditation, Buddhist psychology, and evidence-based neuroplasticity, compassion and resilience-building techniques, and is currently completing her advanced certification as a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher through the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley and the Awareness Training Institute.

Additionally, Preetum holds an MBA with emphases in Corporate Strategy, Marketing, and Sustainable Development, and a BS in International Business and Spanish. Her 15+ years of experience in project management, program and team leadership roles across industries and organizational environments ranging from lean startups to Fortune 100 corporations in the US, Europe and Asia, have informed her deep understanding of common organizational challenges across the spectrum of cross-cultural and interpersonal dynamics, and her appreciation for the opportunity to empower teams and individuals to mobilize positive change and realize their full potential when operating in greater alignment with their values on both individual and collective levels. Inspired by her long-standing meditation practice and her own chronic illness journey, she’s now especially passionate about catalyzing change on the more micro level of personal sustainability and resilience, believing that when individuals feel more calm, composed, confident and compassionate, we can deepen our capacity to heal ourselves and the world around us, enabling a more vibrant, sustainable future for all.

Portrait photograph of Adam Moskowitz

Adam Moskowitz

Mindfulness Facilitator

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Teacher, MBSR, UMass Medical Center
Mindful Schools Teacher, Mindful Schools

Adam has been an educator for twelve years. He is an MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn) teacher and has trained extensively with the Center for Mindfulness based at the UMASS Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Adam is a consulting teacher with Stress Care, a long-standing non-profit organization that has served medical communities in the Bay Area since 1996.

Adam is a Mindful Schools Teacher, and created a school-wide mindfulness program in 2012. He also leads meditation courses, drop-in classes, workshops, and retreats in the San Francisco Bay area. His favorite thing to do is supporting kids and adults to connect within.

Portrait photograph of Tracy Shinchok Rescigno

Tracy Shinchok Rescigno

Mindfulness Facilitator & Executive Coach

Certified Teacher, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute (SIYLI)
Executive Coach

Tracy, aka Shinchok, has traveled the world to learn its spiritual traditions. She is a trained Buddhist nun in the Tibetan tradition and has taught mindfulness and meditation internationally to organizations, corporations, and nonprofits. She has also founded several nonprofit agencies focused on service to the community.

Tracy is an executive wellness coach and a certified teacher for SIYLI, the mindfulness-based leadership program born at Google in 2012. She also creates customized mindfulness and meditation programs online and on-site for corporations, nonprofits, and small businesses.

For twenty-five years, Tracy served as an outdoor adventure guide specializing in transformational experiences, resilience training, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence. She lives in Northern California and enjoys sea kayaking, gardening, meditative practices, and helping others in the community.

Portrait photograph of Joshua W Bruner

Joshua W Bruner

Sound Meditation Facilitator

Prior to becoming a meditation teacher, Joshua spent 20 years studying and performing various styles of music. His curiosity for sound eventually led him to compose ambient music, which is where he experienced his first accidental meditation. The feeling of calm he experienced was so profound and effortless that he shifted his entire musical career to exclusively making songs to help others relieve stress and anxiety. Joshua now performs neurofeedback concerts in music venues, meditation studios, and online.

Joshua builds his meditative soundscapes around decades of scientific research exploring how the mind processes sound. Music can reliably relieve anxiety, diminish stress, lower our heart/breath rate, strengthen our immune system, encourage healthy sleep patterns, and balance out our often turbulent brainwaves.

The meditative compositions that Joshua enjoys making are crafted with generative neurofeedback techniques using the Muse EEG headband and Ableton Live.