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Mindfulness, Resilience & Emotional Intelligence Training For Organizations & Corporations

Our approach

Dozens of mindfulness training programs have emerged in the last few years. While many are well intentioned, few focus on evidence-based practices rooted in neuroscience. Mind EQ differentiates ourselves from these programs by focusing on the neuroscience of the mind. Our facilitators are experienced practitioners with teacher training certifications from the world’s best mindfulness institutions, who base their curriculum in neuroscience.

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Of the time our minds are wandering. Mindfulness practices can significantly increase our focus and attention.


Of your professional success accounts from having emotional intelligence, and Mind EQ provides evidence based EI training.


Of Americans report having significant feelings of stress in a given month. Resilience training participants are able to adapt and see change as positive.

Why Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence Training?

Alleviate stress and anxiety
Enhance self-compassion
Promote empathy
Build focus and attention
Strengthen relationships
Lessen emotional reactivity
Head of HR @ MUX

"Mux had Mind EQ run a mindfulness workshop for our team's Day of Learning. Dan was reliable, professional, and made our session very accessible and enjoyable. We had a guided meditation and a learning session followed by discussion. We enjoyed the session and went through the rest of our day more aware and present, and the learnings continue to be talked about and practiced here at Mux”

Head of Employee Success @ User Testing

“Mind EQ came to our offices and quickly demystified what mindfulness is all about. The best thing about his workshop is he gave a series of short, easy best practices for starting to include wellness into one's daily routines. I couldn't recommend Dan highly enough if you want to either get started with or become better acquainted with mindfulness.”

Lisa M, VP of People @ Roadster

“In an effort to learn more about the benefits of mindfulness for our employees, we had Dan coach us through a virtual Intro to Mindfulness session. Dan did a wonderful job introducing us to mindfulness, ways we can practice it, and concluded with a short guided meditation session. Dan and his team are a great resource to introduce or build on practicing mindfulness in the workplace."

Core Mindfulness Offerings

Mindfulness 101

Mindfulness 101 introduces the basics of evidence-based mindfulness, meditation, and self awareness — the first skills of emotional intelligence.

Mindfulness 102

Mindfulness 102 builds upon the basics of mindfulness, meditation, and emotional intelligence taught in Mindfulness 101, then teaches the five steps for emotional balance.

Mindfulness 103

Mindfulness 103 integrates the concepts from 101 and 102 and introduces empathy and compassionate leadership.

Mindfulness Immersion

Mindfulness Immersion is a robust and comprehensive program providing the greatest benefit and impact by incorporating all of the elements of Mindfulness 101, 102, and 103.

Mindfulness & Resilience

This customizable resilience training explores the neuroscience of emotions, offering tools that will enable participants to calm their mind and body, and assist individuals, teams, and leaders at all levels recover from challenges.

Coaching Sessions For Leaders

Designed for people managers and leadership at all levels, these sessions are highly customizable, but generally focus on evidence based mindfulness techniques and emotional intelligence training.

Continuing Practice

After taking other Mind EQ offerings or other mindfulness courses, these sessions offer a brief meditation or mindfulness presentation designed to help individuals and teams stay focused during busy times.

Lunchtime Mindfulness Session

Lunchtime Mindfulness Sessions are perfect for busy organizations looking for an introductory session over lunch with a concise presentation, a brief meditation session, and closing Q&A.

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